When a woman first flirts with the idea of becoming more sexy, it’s usually because of a man.


You want a good man, a quality man – and yes, a devastatingly sexy man. You want him to see you from across a room and know that he has to make you his – to claim you, ravish you, and spend the rest of his life adoring you from top to toe.

If you’re like most of the women I’ve spoken to, finding that man is the main reason you decided to seek out the secrets to becoming more sexy – and for good reason. Knowing how to be and stay sexy is, just as you always suspected, exactly how you get the man you deserve and how you keep him faithful to you no matter what other, younger, prettier girls may walk by.

When you’re the sexiest woman he can imagine, his devotion to you never wavers. That’s reason enough to learn the secrets in my book How to Be and Stay Sexy.

It’s not the only reason, though.

This book will show you how learning to be sexy will not only transform your relationship with men, but also give you an entirely new sense of self. You’ll dissolve your old feelings of insecurity and unworthiness and replace them with the certain knowledge that you are beautiful, you are radiant, and you are worth devotion.

You’ll find your power as yourself – just pure, glorious, luscious you.
That’s the power that will draw the attention of every man who meets you – and the power that will give you the wisdom to choose only the man who is worthy of you.

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